Monday, May 31, 2010


Nauture Path in City
View from Peak of Hong Kong

The Escalator: One of Hong Kong's main Transportation Systems


Monday, May 24, 2010

Amaze me!

Today was a sunny, productive, and enriching day in Hong Kong. It was the first day I went into the agency, learned the transportation systems, and traveled to one of the greatest peaks in Hong Kong.
Things at the agency where very busy and hectic. There are many bookers and many models, and everyone is constantly up and moving. They explained to me the way the agency operates and some of the rules. Models get castings and jobs by text message, and come into the agency on Wednesday to first get measured, then get money for the week. I better watch my obsession with Asian food if I want to get my allowance. :p
I had my first casting today that I went to with another russian model from my agency. She taught me much about living in Hong Kong, and how I would be getting around. I learned that the worlds largest escalator is one of the majoir transportation systems in Hong Kong. The escalator is 26,000 feet and ranges from the central district of Hong Kong to Victoria Peak. It is a fast, free way to get to my hotel to almost anywhere I need to go. I also bought my "Octopus Card" for Hong Kong's undergroud Metro system. Their subway systems are easy to use, and very similar to subway systems in New York. With about a week of practice, I should have all the systems and lines down pat. I realized today that Hong Kong is one of the easiest cities to get around. Walking up and down the hills of Hong Kong serve as great exercise.
The casting was quick and sweet, and I found that Hong Kong model market can be very commercial. Clients like smiles and bottle milk pale skin. Also, the agency prefers a model to wear make-up on castings. The casting finsished quickly after only having to try on one garmet and taking a few snap shots. I hear that most castins in Hong Kong are short and to the point.
Later in the day, my mom and I took a trip to one of the most popular attractions of Hong Kong called the "Peak of Hong Kong." It was at the top of one of Hong Kongs highest mountains Victoria Peak, and we rode a tram car to get up and down the mountain. The peak gave a magnificient dream like view of the city, and had a nature trail you could walk through in the mountain. The view was unreal with the great mountains surrounding the city and the bay. I made sure to get lots of pictures and videos, and take in every second of feeling "On top of the world."

Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Day

View From Hotel Garage
Reading China Post in the book room

Times Square

Busy City Life

Jet lag is a killer. Thank goodness today I had off. The day was exhausting because of the lack of sleep I got from tossing and turning throughout the night. It was a rainy Sunday in Hong Kong, and my mom and I set out to explore the hotel and our surroundings. I will be staying with her in her hotel for the two weeks she is visiting, then I will be moving into the model apartment.

I found that the hotel is equipped with a number of useful rooms and services. It has a rooftop pool, chapel, restauraunt, gym, reading room, business center, and functions room. The restauraunt called the "Terrace" is where I ate my first pricless Asian meal today. They had a great buffet with various meats, seafood, and sweet desserts, Even though it was a buffet, they had the perfect size portions for customers to take. If only America would serve the right amount of food like they do here in Asia, America would be a better healthier place.

Later, we ventured out into the city to get some necessities. I found that the rumor that you must, "fight for your place on the street" was very well true. The streets were buzzing with swarms of people going about their business. Keeping your eyes open and alert is necessary at all timesif you don't want to be trampled. Even though there were a great number of people, the streets were extremely clean and everything was sanitary.

We went to an amazing shopping mall called "Times Square" where they had about 8 floors to shop on. The area it was in reminded me of Times Square in New York because it and everything around it seemed to be a main exciting attraction of the city. We also went to a few convinient stores and markets to get things we needed. When being helped, I was suprised on how few people spoke English. I had heard that many people spoke English over here, but so far there have been very few I could communicate with.

I have posted piictures from the hotel, and the city. Excited to go meet my agency tommorow, and start out the working week.:)

Arrival To Hong Kong

View from Hotel Room
Hotel Room

I have finally arrived safe and sound to Hong Kong. The 16 hour flight was a bit harder than I had expected. I flew on the American Airline, Continnental Airlines, from Orlando to New Jersey, then straight to Hong Kong. They had a screen on the seats in front of us with over a hundred movies, games, and music to keep passenegers entertained. They also feed very well, and we had about four delicious meals on the way. It was hard for me to sleep, but I stayed in my seat for the whole duration of the flight.
It took about thirty minutes to get to the hotel from the airport by taxi. The city was absolutely gorgeous all lit up at night. I was captivated by the sparkling highrise buildings, and the beautiful bodies of water surrounding them. Also, the vast mountains that surrounded Hong Kong were gorgeous. I have never been some where with mountains, and it was a new great sight for me to see.
The hotel is very nice and in a good part of the grand city. Suprisingly, the hotel room is even smaller than usual hotel rooms in NYC, only composing of 2 beds, a bathroom, small refrigerator, and small closet. There is no walking space, and all the luggages are stacked up. However, the room is on the 10th floor with a very nice veiw of the pool and mountains. I look forward to exploring the rest of the hotel, and going to get some neccesities I need in the city tommorow.
I have posted pictures of the hotel room and the view.