Sunday, May 23, 2010

Arrival To Hong Kong

View from Hotel Room
Hotel Room

I have finally arrived safe and sound to Hong Kong. The 16 hour flight was a bit harder than I had expected. I flew on the American Airline, Continnental Airlines, from Orlando to New Jersey, then straight to Hong Kong. They had a screen on the seats in front of us with over a hundred movies, games, and music to keep passenegers entertained. They also feed very well, and we had about four delicious meals on the way. It was hard for me to sleep, but I stayed in my seat for the whole duration of the flight.
It took about thirty minutes to get to the hotel from the airport by taxi. The city was absolutely gorgeous all lit up at night. I was captivated by the sparkling highrise buildings, and the beautiful bodies of water surrounding them. Also, the vast mountains that surrounded Hong Kong were gorgeous. I have never been some where with mountains, and it was a new great sight for me to see.
The hotel is very nice and in a good part of the grand city. Suprisingly, the hotel room is even smaller than usual hotel rooms in NYC, only composing of 2 beds, a bathroom, small refrigerator, and small closet. There is no walking space, and all the luggages are stacked up. However, the room is on the 10th floor with a very nice veiw of the pool and mountains. I look forward to exploring the rest of the hotel, and going to get some neccesities I need in the city tommorow.
I have posted pictures of the hotel room and the view.

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