Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Day

View From Hotel Garage
Reading China Post in the book room

Times Square

Busy City Life

Jet lag is a killer. Thank goodness today I had off. The day was exhausting because of the lack of sleep I got from tossing and turning throughout the night. It was a rainy Sunday in Hong Kong, and my mom and I set out to explore the hotel and our surroundings. I will be staying with her in her hotel for the two weeks she is visiting, then I will be moving into the model apartment.

I found that the hotel is equipped with a number of useful rooms and services. It has a rooftop pool, chapel, restauraunt, gym, reading room, business center, and functions room. The restauraunt called the "Terrace" is where I ate my first pricless Asian meal today. They had a great buffet with various meats, seafood, and sweet desserts, Even though it was a buffet, they had the perfect size portions for customers to take. If only America would serve the right amount of food like they do here in Asia, America would be a better healthier place.

Later, we ventured out into the city to get some necessities. I found that the rumor that you must, "fight for your place on the street" was very well true. The streets were buzzing with swarms of people going about their business. Keeping your eyes open and alert is necessary at all timesif you don't want to be trampled. Even though there were a great number of people, the streets were extremely clean and everything was sanitary.

We went to an amazing shopping mall called "Times Square" where they had about 8 floors to shop on. The area it was in reminded me of Times Square in New York because it and everything around it seemed to be a main exciting attraction of the city. We also went to a few convinient stores and markets to get things we needed. When being helped, I was suprised on how few people spoke English. I had heard that many people spoke English over here, but so far there have been very few I could communicate with.

I have posted piictures from the hotel, and the city. Excited to go meet my agency tommorow, and start out the working week.:)

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